South Africa – The Children

August 27, 2015

20150904_062927000_iOSI’ve been going to St George’s Home for Girls (SGH) now for two weeks and I learn something new everyday – like how out of practice I am with children!  But the girls at SGH are very patient with me. They have taught me that even the very smallest things are valuable – like a tiny piece of an eraser, or a single sticker, or a hand on the shoulder. They have taught me that trust takes time and must be earned. I have learned to stand back and let them decide when they want or need me.  The youngest of them love to read with me. 20150822_052215000_iOSAnd by that I mean I read while two of them are on my lap, two of them are bouncing up and down next to me, and one is standing on a chair re-styling my hair. Who needs hair product when there is peanut butter 😳


The girls at SGH have not had an easy time of it and sometimes they are sad, or angry, or scared. But they also laugh, and sing, and squeal…..really loud! That’s thirty girls from 7 – 17 years old all talking and giggling (and sometimes fighting) at the same time.

They haven’t told me about their hopes and dreams yet….and I haven’t earned that. My hope is that they do dream.




5 thoughts on “South Africa – The Children”

    1. Jane – I know you can relate to the children. I will never be the same from having met and loved them. Thanks for following.

  1. I am just bursting with pride and joy that you have made these opportunities a reality! It sounds like such a moving, inspirational experience for you and vicariously, for us. Thank you!

    1. MaryAnn- it’s hard to describe. This is truly purposeful travel, but I get more than I give. And it’s not just the children. It’s the history of South Africa and the legacy of apartheid. It’s the mountains, ocean, and the setting sun is so different here. I will be forever grateful for this experience. Thanks for following. 💕

  2. I know that you’re having a wonderful experience. But we all miss you and will be looking forward to seeing you soon. Love you!

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