Argentina and Chile – Dos Hermosos Paises

Our stepping off point for Antarctica was Argentina, a lovely place to visit on its own….and so I did. Unfortunately, technical issues have delayed my ability to create this blog, so I will need to be brief, since departure for my next destination is just around the corner.  While this blog lacks the usual longer narrative, I hope I make up for it in photos.

I landed in Buenos Aires on a sunny Wednesday in late January and met my fellow travelers that evening. While in Buenos Aires, we walked the city, ate too many empanadas, and visited several iconic locations.

First up….Recoleta Cemetery in Bueno Aires. I know…it’s a cemetery. But you have to admit….it’s kind of cool. That is Eva Peron’s mausoleum I am standing next to. Most of the famous of Argentina are entombed in Recoleta. And it was a beautiful day for a walk.
















Plaza de Mayo is known for so many events in the history of Argentina – freedom from Spain, speeches by both Juan and Eva Peron among others, protests, coups, killings, celebrations









La Boca – colorful, lively, historic, friendly….I wish we could have spent more than an afternoon in this cool neighborhood!
















We said goodbye to Buenos Aires and flew to Ushuaia, our launching point for Antarctica. But for a day and a half we strolled the streets of this city at the southern tip of South America, and hiked the Tierra del Fuego.













With Antarctica in the rear view mirror, we took a quick  jaunt north to Iguazu, a town situated at the meeting point of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay. But the reason you come here is, of course,  the Falls, the widest in the world.
























In Iguazu I said goodbye to my fellow travelers and boarded the short flight to Santiago, Chile. If I ever decide to become a snowbird, Santiago will be my winter (their summer) home! The sun shone every day, temps hovered in the low 80s, no humidity! Add in the affordability and friendly people, and you have a winning combination.













I rarely bother to take pictures of the hotels where I stay, but LeReve in Santiago is so charming I couldn’t resist.











A daytrip to Vina Del Mar and Valparaiso is a great way to spend some time walking, eating, or fishing.




















My favorite excursion in Chile by far was to Cajon Del Maipo, a stunning reservoir tucked into a gorge in the Andes Mountains. Our guides served a picnic lunch with wine from a nearby vineyard, horses sauntered by, and the changing colors of the water left us in awe. My last perfect day in Chile.














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  1. Love it !!!! Love it !!!! Love it !!!! Travel is soooo addictive.. It keeps the blinders off and the mind open. Koodos Kathy.

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