Doha, Qatar






Someone once told me that if you are flying to a faraway place (for which there are no non-stop flights) pick a really interesting stopover city. When I was researching flights to South Africa, London seemed to be the most common stopover city. But then there is Qatar Airways, now flying out of Philadelphia with very reasonable fares. Their stopover is in Doha, Qatar. The stopover is 19 hours, just enough time to see a good bit of this very small country.  If you fly business or first class, QA will provide a hotel room, a tour, and access to their world class airport lounges (gourmet meals, fine wines included). If you fly coach, you may get the hotel room, depending on availability.IMG_0409

On August 13, 2015 it was 104 degrees and humid in Doha, so the hotel room with its air conditioning and shower were a welcome benefit.

Doha is the cleanest city I have ever visited. Not once did I see a single display of graffiti. The buildings are all in various shades of tan so that the blowing desert sand does not dirty the exterior look.  New buildings are being fitted with windows that clean themselves (don’t ask….I didn’t understand the explanation). Qatar is oil rich and it shows everywhere. But in this ancient area of the world it is disconcerting to be surrounded by all that shiny newness.  The city is growing…..stand on any street corner and you will see several construction sites. I’m not sure how sustainable it is. Surrounded by ocean, but with little fresh water, Qatar uses expensive desalination processing to provide water to its continually growing population. Oil prices are expected to remain in a slump for at least the next two years. For now the people of Qatar are living in the moment…..the shiny, glorious moment.20150814_011211000_iOS20150814_005959000_iOS

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